These are the thoughts, concerns, and faith of a young mother whose son, Jimmy, was born with Cerebral Palsy. Jimmy, a bright loving child whose smile makes you want to smile, just happens to have Cerebral Palsy.

Marie believes in a common sense, hands-on approach to bonding with doctors, therapists and therapy techniques for the betterment of Jimmy's physical outcome. She depicts what it is like on a daily basis to be a caregiver of a child with Cerebral Palsy, sharing creative ideas with inexpensive techniques for making Jimmy as comfortable as possible with the cumbersome braces. She encourages other parents to ask questions, become informed - don't be shy about getting involved with your child's treatment - listen to your instinct as to what is best for your child.

Colts player Dallas Clark and Jimmy at
2008 Easter Seals Crossroads Luncheon
This is a tender look at a mother's frustrations, fears and how she overcomes these obstacles to be knowledgeable on Cerebral Palsy, comforting to her child and encouraging for her son's well being.

She shares her thoughts about the special bonds of family members - the sheer joy of Jimmy's accomplishments - one step at a time - and the heartbreak of having to handle the comments and stares of those outside the family.

Marie Kennedy's writing style will lure you into her daily life and give you an in-depth look at the special bond she and her husband share in raising Jimmy.

And so begins one woman's odyssey, beginning with the joy of a tiny baby to the unrelenting challenges of daily life that threatens the mobility of her child.

NOTE: Featured in "Woman's World Magazine", Feb 19, 2002 Marie Kennedy, "Chicken Soup for the Mothers Soul 2"

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CONGRATULATIONS JIMMY winner of The Prudential Spirit of Community Award.

James Kennedy III is the Indana middle school winner for the Prudential Spirit of Community Award. Jimmy also qualified for the very prestigious President's Volunteer Service Award (for the amount of hours he volunteered - open to all ages). He will receive a Certificate and a letter from former President Bush

James Kennedy III, 12, of Indianapolis, Ind., a sixth-grader at Creekside Middle School in Carmel, delivers frequent speeches about his experience with cerebral palsy, serves as a volunteer patient for therapy students, and raises money for the Timmy Foundation, which supports health and education initiatives in developing countries. Inspired by Dr. Chuck Dietzen, his doctor and the founder of the Timmy Foundation, James wanted to get involved in helping other people, too. He began speaking at schools and other places about the importance of focusing on what people can do, not what they can't do; about what it's like to have a disability; and about the work of the Timmy Foundation. James, who writes his own speeches, delivered more than 10 talks last year, often speaking for 30 minutes at a time.

For several years, he also has participated in annual wrestling matches that raise money for the foundation, and he led a drive at his own school to collect money and supplies for the same cause. In addition, James offered to be a "volunteer patient" to help students at the University of Indianapolis learn more about cerebral palsy. "I feel what I do is important because it helps people understand that even though I wear braces on my legs and use a walker at school, I am just like any other kid with the same feelings and dreams," James said.

Jimmy Kennedy meets Indianapolis Colt's QB Super Bowl MVP Peyton Manning Washington D.C. May 2007

'Photo by Mark Regan'