"I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed reading your thoughts and insights on raising such a beautiful child. I felt your book was very moving and would be cherished by other parents who have been blessed enough to be sent a child with special needs. I often tell people that my patients are my heroes. They are my spiritual leaders, gurus, and I think Jimmy is the true personification of those statements... Required reading for all my students."

"When Jimmy Kennedy says that he has been speaking with me since he was 5 years old, don't laugh... He has been! I am now proud to say that I am the warm-up speaker for this incredible young man and inspirational speaker..."

Dr. Chuck Dietzen
Medical Director Easter Seals Crossroads
Founder- The Timmy Foundation

"I thoroughly enjoyed your book about Jimmy and cerebral palsy. You've provided a much needed family perspective that many parents never receive... I especially enjoyed your creative ideas for home exercises along with the pictures... Your book provides a missing view about the personal life of a family with a child with CP. Thanks for your wonderful contribution to CP literature."

Sandy Ross MHS, PT, PCS
Senior Physical Therapist
Barnes Jewish and St. Louis Children's Hospitals
Dept. of Human Rehabilitation at Washington University

"As a mother it brought tears to my eyes. I was moved by your a therapist, I was very impressed with all the activities and adaptations you established. Everything was presented in a very thorough way, explaining how and why you did everything in terms that anyone could understand. This book is beneficial to parents and professionals alike."

Sue Anderson
Physical Therapist

"Both my wife, who is a physician, and I were very moved by your story. I only wish I would have had the opportunity to read a book like this prior to doing Pediatrics in my medical school rotations or even residency. I will certainly recommend it to my colleagues and those medical students and nursing students who will follow in our footsteps."

Dr. Robert Arthur, M.D.

"I would recommend this book to health care professionals, teachers, students and parents. After reading this book you will have a better understanding of C.P. And it will remind you to place the emphasis on the child not the disorder. I loved this book!"

Jennifer Satterfield
Siegel Pediatric Dentistry

"Your book provided us with exactly what we were looking for and with what we needed to hear. As my husband and I pored over it together, we found ourselves speaking out loud and saying "yes", and "remember that." It described beautifully the mix of emotions from worry and concern to joy and elation that we feel daily. It gave us so many wonderful ideas of things we can do to help our son and inspired us to work harder...And, the many encouraging photographs are wonderful."

Jennifer T. Martinez

"Jimmy has worked with my physical therapy students on multiple occasions. He is always able to put nervous students at ease, and has made it possible for students to apply classroom content in a real-world situation. He will answer any question, and always offers positive feedback to the students. Jimmy is mature and wise beyond his years, and is an inspiration to all who meet him."

Dr. Kathy Martin, PT, DHS
Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Director
Krannert School of Physical Therapy
University of Indianapolis

"When I met Jimmy at the age of eight, he was already a gifted communicator! Jimmy has a special way of connecting with his audience, young and old. It is such a joy listening to him speak about what matters most to him. In his own gentle and subtle way, Jimmy leaves you feeling just as positive and motivated as he is about life!"

Cathy Jackson
3rd grade teacher
Orchard Park Elementary School

"Jimmy spoke to our Faith in Action Class at Second Presbyterian Church and was phenomenal. He received a standing ovation. His story is genuine and from the heart. He speaks with compassion, conviction and wonderful insight about his journey as it relates to our entire humanity. Thank you"

James Lemons, MD.
The Hugh McK. Landon
Professor of Pediatrics
Director of the Section of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
Indiana University School of Medicine

"Jimmy Kennedy is a rare individual. He is able to stand in front of a group and speak with no apparent shyness. This is rare because when I met Jimmy he was just shy of his thirteenth birthday. Jimmy is not your typical motivational speaker. He won't ask you to stand and stretch or talk real loud to hold your attention. He motivates you from the inside out because the subject he talks on is life itself. He tells you that no matter what situation you are in, if you have a positive outlook and confidence that things can get better, you will be well on your way to self improvement. Jimmy's messages would be inspiring to any sales force, organization, or company looking to do more for the community they are in. You will want to keep in touch with Jimmy's future and look forward to learning what accomplishments he will complete next. As I said after hearing his message for the second time, 'It is always good to get a dose of Jimmy to make my day brighter."

Rick Craig
North Downtown Indianapolis Sertoma Club