Original Song - Marie wrote and Chooch sings:

Absolutely - Positively -Completely

© Lyrics- Marie Kennedy,Tom Dane
Music- Chooch Kennedy -Vocals and harmonica, Pat Harshbarger - Guitar

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It was an honor to help the Dane family with a song about their son Joe Dane. He has many challenges and his family is doing all they can to help him. You can read more about them and see the Fantastic Art Joe has created on their web site

The Joe Dane Fund on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads. A portion of the proceeds from the download will go to the Joe Dane Fund

The thoughts through notes from Joe's parents Tom and Heather clearly show how much they adore their son, I included our thoughts and feelings about Jimmy ,other children and families we know and we came up with this song "Absolutely, Positively,Completely" I enjoyed writing the lyrics and Chooch worked hard with Pat to get the Music right. Chooch sings it from his heart. Our details and struggles are not the same but the feelings and emotions are. We are very proud of this song and hope you enjoy it too.